Sunset Tibetan Mastiff Puppies — no plans for a future litter.

Sunset Tibetan is a small, family-owned breeder, located in Southwest Washington; regionally serving Oregon, Washington, the Pacific Northwest and nationally across the continental United States.

We are proud to introduce “Athena”, born 12/21/12.  P1040682

Athena has been sold.  Thank you for your interest.

We will be planning on our next litter, with hopefully more puppies, in the winter of 2014.  Our Aggie will be the dam, and our Grizwald will be the sire.

Athena’s dam and sire:


Tibetan Mastiff momma, Phaedra.


Viraj of Saras Khumba – Sire of Sunset Tibetan’s  Tibetan Mastiff Litter, born 12/21/12.

4 year old Tibetan Mastiff Sunset’s Amrita Dagpa (from Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs) came in heat on October 7, and has been bred with Viraj (call name is Khumba), an exceptional male bred by Himmat Singh Sekhon of Saras Tibetan Mastiffs.

11 thoughts on “Sunset Tibetan Mastiff Puppies — no plans for a future litter.

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  3. Exquisite dogs. I am not a breeder nor do I intend to show but have and have had for 9 years a female Tibetan Mastiff and l o v e the breed. Looking to add a male to my home. Can you help???

  4. Hi, got your email re two yeat old male. Found a litter here in Arizona and put a deposit on a pup that I will pick up April 1st. Thanks so much for remembering 🙂

  5. Hi I would like to buy a puppy.I would like the one with the rust and black face.If anyone knows of a litter please let me know.

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